BA., PhD., C.Psychol., AFBPsS

Over the years I have been commissioned to provide illustrations for a wide variety of publishers and publications including Partizan Press, Christie Books, The Cienfuegos Press, Baccus6mm, The Hastings Trawler, The Psychologist (of which I was the Art Editor for a while), and many other newspapers and magazines, some well known, some not. (I guess very few of you will remember or even know of the Nottingham Shopper). I even had the honour of having had one of my drawings nicked by a well known international fashion magazine who I won’t name for fear of litigation (their name might begin with a v, or it might not). At least quality publications nick my work, which is a consolation of sorts. As well as using clever electronics to produce work I also like to turn to traditional tools as well, especially the paint brush and pencil.