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Recently I have mostly been commissioned to produce historical military flags and the associated heraldry. Shown here is a sample of these flags produced either as illustrations for books (by Partizan Press for example), for Warlord Games both for their range of figures and as flag sheets, and for Venner’s Emporium (a range of very good quality war games flags, available through Caliver Books). Some of the flags illustrated are full sized flags made for film and also for re-enactment groups. Some of the images have been watermarked with ‘SAMPLE’, because in the ruthless world of little paper flags one can’t be too careful. They are commercial property owned by those who paid for them, and shown here by permission, so I really have to protect their rights otherwise I might get some big geezers turning up to exchange badinage with me, and I wouldn’t like that at all.

For war games flags,

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Just for information some of the more complex designs can take up to a week to produce; they don’t just appear at the click of a mouse!

Venner's Emporium