BA., PhD., C.Psychol., AFBPsS

I got thoroughly fed up trying to pretend that I am in any way a business person. I’m not, and never will be; it bores me to tears, and I find the paperwork onerous. Therefore I have removed my CV and replaced it with something ‘about me’, for those of you who like this sort of thing. It lacks detail, deliberately so. Life is so much more straightforward since I retired.

I love teaching and I have an excellent reputation as a teacher (I have even been called charismatic, but I let’s not dwell too much on that). My absolute commitment to education (the drawing out of minds rather than stuffing heads with a clutter of odds and ends) seems to be quite old fashioned in our brave world of thrusting and aggressive ignorance. In fact the holders of power seem so hell bent on dumbing down to such an alarming extent that sometimes I find myself completely lost in what seems to me to be an utterly alien environment. For me education is, and will remain, the expansion of independent minds rather than the bureaucratic filling of heads with ‘stuff’, regardless of its content, and least of all fitting students for a life of drudgery under the suffocating hand of a capitalist system out of control. Education is, I believe, the only true path to liberation, and a mind honed in critical thinking is one of the best assets any of us can possess. There are many paths to education as I understand it; my chosen path is to try and understand how people really tick, and to share what I have discovered with others. Over the years I have worked with undergraduates, scientists of many stripes, luvvies from the film world, local government officers, private sector managers, military officers, the police, voluntary organisations, people undertaking education for the sheer fun of it (especially those from the WEA) and so on. I am regularly consulted by the media on different aspect of what it is to be human. But the greatest joy of all is when someone I am working with suddenly has the little mental light bulb turn on. It is a joy that every teacher should experience. It’s much better than fitting people to pass exams.

I am still interested in public speaking, and can go on about a whole host of things if allowed. And I still draw and make stuff, although I am less happy making big flags than I used to be - it’s a bit back breaking.