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This page is still under development but I kind of got bored with it. It does reflect some of my intellectual interests but these days staring out of a window has more attraction. I have added a couple of pieces to keep the ball rolling, but I will be adding more once I have done the appropriate editing

On Leadership and On Groups are chapters from my thesis which I am in the process of reformatting. One day I’ll finish the reformatting and then post the whole thesis, just on the off chance that someone might one day read it.

Groups: A short(ish) bibliography

My primary academic interests revolve around power, its use and misuse. In general terms my specific area and subtopics can be summarised as follows: Social Psychology (Groups; Teams; Leadership; Discrimination and Prejudice; Organisational Behaviour; Motivation and Demotivation; Communication including Mass Communication; Communication in writing; Propaganda; Organisational and Interpersonal Politics; Values, Attitudes & Behaviour; Trust and Commitment; Mutiny and Dissent; Influence; and Multiple values models; Symbolism and Symbology. I also had a keen academic interest in methods, methodology and analytical methods.